Our History

Golden Legacy School, a Legacy.

Founded on July 8, 2008, it all started as a desire to have our own school, since I wanted my children to study in it, and apply the Montessori method so that they were educated in it.

My husband and I worked in other schools, but my wish was to have our own school so that we could apply everything we have learned there.

Little by little, we bought the furniture until we had no space in our house to keep storing more things.

One morning, with the help of my husband, Victor Hernández, we took the idea and began to do all the legal paperwork to open and start Pre-School, and from that day on we opened the School with a total of eight children.

We have a Pre-school module, a Primary module, an administrative module, a library, a properly equipped computer room, large sports fields, a playground and adequate health services for the school population.


Form independent and competent beings in the world, to learn and master new skills and in this way be able to assume their transformative mission as citizens of the world through our methodology and processes of continuous improvement, and thus, our Students will obtain the knowledge to achieve their dreams, in any of the areas they choose to study, so they can have a bright and promising future, and that they become good men and women.


To be an Institution that provides quality academic training and child development in all aspects so that they become people with principles, values and who contribute the best to our country Honduras, and in this way make ourselves known at the National Level managing to achieve excellence in bilingual comprehensive education, to be much more than a school.